“I just couldn’t keep it together” – Ryan Gosling Once Told the Embarrassing Story of Being Naked Around Steve Carell

“I just couldn’t keep it together” – Ryan Gosling Once Told the Embarrassing Story of Being Naked Around Steve Carell

Steve Carell once saw Ryan Gosling naked. The Notebook actor is undoubtedly one of the most attractive men in the world. He is known for his romantic movies, great physique, and charming personality. Meanwhile, Carell is known for his sense of humor. So when these actors from two genres came to work together, we got a superhit romantic comedy and a funny incident that will live in our minds rent-free.

The duo acted as leads in the 2011 movie Crazy, Stupid, Love. The Glenn Ficarra and John Requa direction also included Lip Tipton and Emma Stone and featured some R-rated scenes as well. However, what makes the film memorable for Gosling is not the fan love it recieved, but a hilarious incident from the sets, which the La La Land actor once shared.

Ryan Gosling went naked in front of Steve Carell?

Ryan Gosling, who appeared in Crazy, Stupid, Love along with Steve Carell, described an awkward scene that was shot for the movie. Even though The Gray Man actor thought that the scene was awful, he was glad to do it in front of the 40-year-Old Virgin actor instead of someone else. For, Gosling actor had to bare it all.

He was looking at my shlong,” said Gosling hesitantly. But Carell was extremely awkward about having to shoot the scene as well. He kept looking around until his co-star reminded him that the scene required for them to look at each other. Ryan Gosling struggled as he said, “I just couldn’t keep it together”. But neither of them could avoid the situation much longer and Steve eventually decided to directly look at Gosling’s d*ck.

The Despicable Me actor then went on to say all his dialogues while staring directly at the Blue Valentine actor’s private parts.

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In the movie, Cal (Carell) is a straight simple guy dealing with marital problems. He finds himself exploring the dating world with his new and naughty friend Jacob (Gosling). The long scene is awkward and hilarious at the same time.

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