“I have to pinch myself”: Julia Garner Is Absolutely Stunned at THIS ‘Ozark’ Star’s Brilliance

“I have to pinch myself”: Julia Garner Is Absolutely Stunned at THIS ‘Ozark’ Star’s Brilliance

Ever since the star cast signed in for their respective roles, the showrunner Chris Mundy had no idea where they all were going to end up. Ozark wasn’t a planned story since day one. The director just had insanely dynamic and robust characters who ended up being forever the architect of their own lives. Out of which the leading figures were Laura Linney, Jason Bateman, and Julia Garner. Out of them, Julia’s performance has already gone down in history as one of the finest ever seen. However, Jason and Laura are no less, as they gave remarkable performances, so much so that the latter even impressed her co-star.

Wendy was a character so complicated and dominating that even left her co-actors were left in much awe as us. And tell you what, Julia couldn’t believe what she was witnessing in the form of Wendy Byrde!

Julia Garner is absolutely stunned by co-star Laura Linney

It all started when the team came together for something of a Mexican drug dealing crime and thriller series. Wendy Byrde was just another strong yet deceitful wife of a masterful finance advisor.

Slowly and stealthily, the family found itself in the clutches of a drug lord who undoubtedly made them one of the fearful families in the west but at what cost? The strong housewife eventually takes over every person in the play and ultimately establishes herself as the most formidable character in the entire show. According to our favorite, Julia Garner, the rising star had to pinch herself seeing THE LAURA LINNEY every time they crossed paths on the set.

Not only Ruth Langmore but the Ozark Queenpin left everyone else speechless with her acting skills. The show most probably brought out the best of Laura to date. There was always a scene when we hated her to the core. However, believe it or not, she also did inspire us in some other ways.

Five years into watching The Wendy Bryde and she still gives us the chills

Wendy Byrde was one of the best-written characters in the history of female leads in a show. Her character, right from the beginning, strives forward to achieve everything until nothing is left. It fills us with an air of fear and apprehension of a strong-headed woman who doesn’t recognise limits.

The star has bagged an Emmy for her stunning performances, but it’s not enough. The show has the potential to sweep every other award that exists. Unquestionably so, her best is yet to be recognised. The last season of Ozark got all of us on our edge as the cast set the show on fire. Wendy’s most captivating scenes are yet to bag the upcoming Emmys. We wish all luck and support to the brilliant team of the show. No matter how much we write and reminisce about Ozark, we’ll never have just enough of it.

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