“I have this stupid…” – What Surprised Ryan Reynolds About Being a Father?

“I have this stupid…” – What Surprised Ryan Reynolds About Being a Father?

Ryan Reynolds is currently living the life he dreamed of. A blockbuster movie franchise, a football club, a gorgeous wife, and, after all, his four kids. According to his recent interviews and talk shows, his kids color everything Ryan Reynolds does. Hence, being a father to such lovable children has always been super exciting for the star. 

However, to know what exactly the perils, or rather fun challenges of becoming a father, were, GQ covered the star’s life as an actor, along with being a father to four. Reynolds gave some amazing answers to all the questions posed by the host. He also revealed how he, in fact, loves doing the babysitting job, even when it means waking up five times a night. 

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Ryan Reynolds on his never-ending patience with the kids 

Before reflecting on his fun experience of being a father, Ryan Reynolds shared how he had successfully been the father he hoped he would be. That star had a bunch of good examples that he could look up to when it came to dealing with patience for parenting. And this has surprised him a lot because, according to him, he has “a bit of a short fuse.” 

However, dealing with a brood of three junior Reynolds has instilled a lot of patience and management skills within the star. He reflects on his “endless supply of patience” parameter stating how he is absolutely fine with waking up five times in the night to change diapers. Even if it gets exhausting at times, he always has a “stupid grin” on his face. 

Clarifying further, he said, all of it is not because he has a “nanny or something like that.” He just has gotten along super healthily being a father. He loves taking care of his family and looking after his kids because, “It’s just us, and I love it,” he stated. 

The Deadpool star married the Gossip Girl Queen, Blake Lively, in the year 2012. Ever since, they have been a flourishing and blooming family of the Reynolds. Recently, at the Forbes Carpet walk, the couple announced their fourth pregnancy, eager to welcome their fourth child, while already sharing three beautiful daughters. 

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