“I have come to a realization” – Burger Joint Owner Admits to Having a Change of Heart After Dropped Law Suit

“I have come to a realization” – Burger Joint Owner Admits to Having a Change of Heart After Dropped Law Suit

With cases pilling up around Kanye West, at least one of them is closed for now. Copyright infringement cases of different kinds are common with artists. While the ‘Donda’ singer himself is dealing with lawsuits against him, there was one joint against which he filed a suit as well. But now that the case is closing, the fan who owned the burger joint has had a change of heart.

Mark Elkhouri had started the College Dropout burger joint in Australia, with a mural of the singer on the wall, along with other inspirations from the album. Ye accused him of doing it without permission and damaging his music brand due to it. But the singer stopped responding after filing the case, and the judge has now ordered to drop it off.

What did the burger joint owner have to say about his idol, Kanye West?

Ye’s Australian fan has had a change of heart after getting sued by his idol. As per TheAge, the owner appeared in the court recently where Justice Shaun McElwaine dropped the case after multiple no-shows from the complainant. Outside court, Elkhouri spoke to the media and said, “I have come to the realization that my true idols are people that are close to me.” He thanked his father, Sami, and his wife Amanda Elkhouri for staying by his side and supporting him through the case.

He mentioned how these were the people that he could trust and be his realistic idols. The owner even wore a black t-shirt that said ‘I am not Kanye West’ on the front with a ‘case dismissed GOTCHA, ok thanks bye’ printed on the back. He addressed Ye directly and thanked him for the publicity, which brought even more customers to his burger joint.

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It was in early 2022 that the singer filed the case was using his music without permission. While the fan did it all out of inspiration, West did not see it that way.

What was the burger joint case all about?

The burger joint was named after Ye’s 2004 album ‘College Dropout’, whose face was a Teddy Bear, was also used as the joint’s logo. They named several of their burgers after his album and songs. On the other hand, the owner had to face over the mural of Ye after a repetitive ‘cease and desist’ notice.

The court ordered the complainant to pay the legal fees of the defense. But it was the hard-learned lesson that Elkhouri took home that day. Neither Ye nor his representatives have responded to the case in a while.

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