“I have a special relationship with Hawaii:” Jason Segel on Writing ‘Windfall,’ Favourite Hitchcock and Much More

“I have a special relationship with Hawaii:” Jason Segel on Writing ‘Windfall,’ Favourite Hitchcock and Much More

Netflix has some of the biggest stars in its films. Not only in one or two projects, but they make sure that once they get hold of some of the biggest names in Hollywood, they keep casting them in projects. The newest addition to this list of recurring stars is Lilly Collins. After Lilly’s successful run in Emily in Paris, Netflix released another film with her Windfall.

Windfall is a black comedy with a touch of thriller and an amazing cast. Recently, the cast of the film got together to talk about the film and their experience of working with their fellow castmates.

Interview of cast of Netflix film Windfall

The interview is kicked off with How I Met Your Mother alumni Jason Segel. Apart from starring in the film, Jason was the writer of the film, among others.

While talking about how Jason formed the story while collaborating with screenwriters, Jason commented that the whole process involved getting together with the writers on Zoom class and just brainstorming ideas that eventually took the shape of a script. Jason called the entire process “scrappy.”

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What is Netflix and Windfall star’s favorite Hitchcock film?

Windfall by Netflix is a simple yet complex film. Simple in a sense, it has a straightforward storyline, but what makes the film a compelling watch is its noir setting.

You can see references to old noir films throughout the film, especially to Hitchcock’s classic thrillers. When asked which Hitchcock film is his favorite, Jason said that it’d be impossible just to name one, but his top choices have to be Rear Window and Vertigo.

Favorite vacation destination

The film is set in an extremely beautiful mansion in Ojai, California. When asked what his dream vacation is, Jason replied, “I have a special relationship with Hawaii.” 

The actor credited his experience on working on  Forgetting Sarah Marshall in Hawaii for his love of the islands.

Watch the full interview here.

What’s the movie about?

Windfall is one of the newest films by the streamer. The film is a decent watch as the runtime is only an hour and a half long.

The film begins when the pompous mogul and his wife arrive for a last-minute excursion, a guy hacks into thtech billionaire’s unoccupied vacation property, but things go awry.

The film has a great cast, including Lily Collins, Jesse Plemons and of course, Jason Segel. Apart from staring, Lilly and Jesse are both producers of the film too.

Windfall started streaming on Netflix on March 18th and is exclusively available on the streamer only.


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