“I have a long list…”- When Ryan Reynolds Expressed His Desire to Impress Ladies After Blake’s Death

“I have a long list…”- When Ryan Reynolds Expressed His Desire to Impress Ladies After Blake’s Death

There are some couples that we just love because of their visible chemistry. Some of them fell in love with each other on set, as working together closely helps you know one another. One such couple who fell in love on set and took a little time to accept that is Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. This couple has been ideal for the modern generation. But what if one of them has the desire to date someone else after the other passes away or they just separate? Well, Blake Lively talked about it in an interview.

The couple has 3 beautiful kids and now the fourth one is on the way. Meanwhile, we all know how these two tease each other on every occasion they get. Did you know when Ryan first met Blake, he almost got her married to someone else? Well, now that they are married and have been pulling each other’s legs, Blake shared one incident where Ryan showcased his hidden desires and her answer was priceless.

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Does Ryan Reynolds want to be a babe magnet?

Well, if you’re married to someone, it is your moral duty to be faithful to your partner, right? But as a husband, can anyone even gather the courage to tell his wife that he wants to be a babe magnet after she leaves the world? Everyone knows what would happen then! But that’s where Ryan Reynolds differs from a normal husband.

During an interview, the host said, “If the two of you had married any other people, you definitely would have crushed the other person’s soul.” To which, Blake laughed and revealed the most hilariously horrible thing that her husband told her. After she gave birth to her baby, Ryan told her if she passed away, he could go to the park with the kids, thinking about how many ladies he could impress!

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And that was a horrible thing to say. But Blake is a smart woman, as she’s proved several times and now as well. You know, if a man says he wants to date someone else even jokingly, a woman knows that he’s just bluffing. But when it comes to a wife telling the same thing to her husband, he becomes restless too soon.

Well, Blake used this little secret and made Ryan fall for her bluff in a second. When Ryan said, “I’ve got a long list,” Blake made him insecure by saying just this: “oh, really? Because I’ve got just one on my list.”

Well, that’s how you tease your partner back when he makes these horrible jokes! Well, do you do this with your partner? Have you teased them like this? How did they respond? We would love to read your funny stories.

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