“I hate you”- ‘Euphoria’ Fame Sydney Sweeney Once Revealed the Odd Reactions From When She Was First Recognized

“I hate you”- ‘Euphoria’ Fame Sydney Sweeney Once Revealed the Odd Reactions From When She Was First Recognized

Sydney Sweeney has recently completed her five years in Hollywood. The pace at which this 25-year-old has moved is astounding, and in addition to that, she is constantly getting offers from big production houses. The actress recently announced an upcoming film with Top Gun: Maverick star Glen Powell.

Moreover, she has gained gobs of fans over the course of five years. However, it is always a big moment in a star’s life when they first get recognized by someone. This happened in Sydney Sweeney’s life as well, but it was when she was just starting out in the industry.

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Why did the first person to notice Sydney Sweeney hate her?

Although she gained a big chunk of her popularity from HBO’s Euphoria, she worked quite a lot before that to land the role of Cassie Howard in the Emmy Award-winning series. Her early works include Netflix’s Everything Sucks! and HBO’s miniseries Sharp Objects.

Sydney Sweeney co-starred in the thriller film Under the Silver Lake, but it was the 2017 sci-fi series The Handmaid’s Tale that cemented her reputation. She played the role of a child bride named Eden Blaine in the show, and her role was recurring in the series.

Although this show came out in 2017, Sydney made her debut in the second season. The first recognition the actress ever got was after the show premiered. According to S Moda, the actress was once at a restaurant in Chicago and a woman came to her and said, “I hate you.” She was shocked for a moment and thought, why would the lady say that to her since they were meeting for the first time?

Sweeney mentioned that it was later that she realized that the fan did not hate her; she hated her character Eden from the show. And that is how Sweeney got her first recognition after about a decade of struggle. However, the good part is that Sweeney’s acting was so alive that people actually started hating her, which is the best compliment an actor can receive. Although she is now the proud owner of two Emmy nominations, she will never forget her first recognition.

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