“I had chin extensions” – Back When Ryan Reynolds Compared His Height With Rob McElhenney in the Most Hilarious Way

“I had chin extensions” – Back When Ryan Reynolds Compared His Height With Rob McElhenney in the Most Hilarious Way

Ryan Reynolds can always be counted on the list of friends who pranks, tease, toast, and even troll their fellas. Currently, the Deadpool star’s closest buddy is none other than Rob McElhenney, who is also his partner in Wrexham AFC Football Club. Their first interaction is more of a modern love story, like how they met on social media and bonded over chats. This celebrity duo met a couple of years ago, and Ryan eventually convinced Rob to buy the soccer team.

During this exciting journey, they shared several funny moments as we are well aware of the Canadian star’s nature. They did colonoscopy tests together to spread awareness that colon cancer is preventable. If you still couldn’t get enough of their BFF vibes, here is a glimpse of the time when Ryan Reynolds compared his height with Rob McElhenney in the most hilarious way.

Ryan Reynolds joked about the height difference between him and Rob McElhenney

A few months back, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live show to promote Welcome to Wrexham series. The funny twist in this interview was the Mythic Quest star became the host himself.

During the interview, McElhenney opened up about him being smaller than his friend and joked he was very tall.

“So you just saw standing there next to the podium and Ryan it would appear that I’m short. The truth is that I am not short, it’s that you are a mutant,” said the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star.

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So whenever they stand together or pose for a photo, it looks like McElhenney is short because Reynolds is 6’2. Seeing one of their photos, the 45-year-old star joked “I had chin extensions” that made him look taller. On the other hand, to prove that he also showed a picture of him with Danny DeVito from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia set

Fast forward to the present, Reynolds and McElhenney continue managing their football club. The Free Guy actor is gearing up for his musical, Spirited, and preparing for Deadpool 3. Meanwhile, the duo is set to receive a Welsh award for their work with Wrexham.

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