“I had a really painful experience” – Ben Affleck Explains the Controversial Reason Why He Is Not on Instagram Unlike Wife Jennifer Lopez

“I had a really painful experience” – Ben Affleck Explains the Controversial Reason Why He Is Not on Instagram Unlike Wife Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck has certainly learned a thing or two that keeps him from being on social media. The Batman actor recently reunited with old flame Jennifer Lopez as the two got married in an intimate ceremony. But as opposites attract, he remains the private and quieter one, as she remains a social media butterfly.

The actor has kick-started his career and is ready to reprise his role as Batman with Ezra Miller in Flash. Back to giving interviews, he was more careful while being questioned on certain topics. So when he was asked about his lack of social media presence, here is what he had to say.

What incident made Ben Affleck stay distant from Instagram?

Celebrities are required to be in the limelight apart from doing shows and movies. The world of social media has allowed them to come closer to their audience. But it comes with its set of pros and cons. In an interview with THR, Affleck got candid as he discussed his upcoming movie, struggles, and life with Lopez. During this, the interviewer asked the actor why he is not on Instagram. “I had a really painful experience where I did an interview,” he said while referring to the podcast interview with Howard Stern.

He went on to explain how his wife, Lopez, is a genius at handling social media. To him, these platforms are like landmines, where one wrong thing can land you in serious trouble. She told him how past negative experiences have made him guarded, and he agrees. 

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But what was the interview bit with Stern that landed Ben Affleck under fire? It had to do with his former marriage.

How one wrong statement about Jennifer Garner landed the actor in trouble

While Affleck celebrated his second marriage to Jennifer Lopez, his Howard Stern interview brought a lot of scrutiny. The actor was in a vulnerable state as he spoke of his broken marriage with Garner, children and alcoholism. That is when he explained how he would have still been an alcoholic if he was still married to her.

That hit the audience wrongly, and he had to apologize for the misinterpreted statement. Fans even saw him looking uninterested during the Oscars for not smiling like Lopez did. So while he actively works for movies, he shies away from social media now.

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