“I go and play Barbie dolls” – When 13-year-old Millie Bobby Brown Revealed Her Secret of How She Stays a Kid

“I go and play Barbie dolls” – When 13-year-old Millie Bobby Brown Revealed Her Secret of How She Stays a Kid

It almost seems impossible to believe that a person can discover the purpose of their life at a young age. But the entrenched talent of artists like Millie Bobby Brown is never bound to the metrics of age. When the Stranger Things star told her parents only at the age of 8 that she wanted to be an actress, the family relocated to Los Angeles, where she began working in shows and got her first role as young Alice in 2013. However, her appearance as a lead role in Netflix’s supernatural drama was her shot to stardom. And as we know, this surge of fame and materialism can influence and change a person, especially when they are young. But all these things never affected the 13-year-old celebrity as she used this classic game to keep her childhood alive.

Millie Bobby Brown likes to be a normal kid as much as she loves acting

In 2018, Millie Bobby Brown revealed her secret to Giuliana Rancic on E!’s Live during a chit-chat at the SAG Awards. The host asked her what she does to feel like a normal teen after becoming a popular face in Hollywood. At that time, she was a double nominee, having nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series and Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

In her response, Intruders star said: “My little sister—she’s 6—I go and play Barbie dolls with her. It’s like the most fun.”

Brown added that she also spends time with her dog in the garden, and all these things help her a lot. The dolls and time with her dog certainly seemed to help because the actress looked every bit youthful in her Calvin Klein gown paired with converse shoes.

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The young actress loves dancing more than anything

Two-time Emmy nominated actress also revealed that no matter what the occasion is she loves dancing. Wearing cute top-knot buns, the actress told the host that she “gotta keep it stylish!” because it is easy to dance in shoes.

“It’s fun to go to the parties. I love to dance. That’s why I brought these,” exclaimed the actress.

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While the actress didn’t win any award that night, she certainly won our hearts and probably danced her heart out at the party before heading to the hotel for some pizza and movie time with family. This is Millie’s of way of being connected to her normal life. How do you think other celebrities do the same? Leave your guesses in the comments below.

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