“I don’t really need the press” – When Arnold Schwarzenegger Revealed Why He Loves Reddit

“I don’t really need the press” – When Arnold Schwarzenegger Revealed Why He Loves Reddit

Not just countless bodybuilding contests but Arnold Schwarzenegger would also won the Social media: a boon essay competition. The actor has acquired exceptional popularity. And while being the primary focus of one of the best science fiction movies of all time would do that, Schwarzenegger also has social media to thank for. Furthermore, from his time as a bodybuilder to his time as the Governor of California and later on, Arnold Schwarzenegger learned his way around the algorithm.

Given his immense presence on social media, it is interesting to note what his favorite social media platform is. Arnold Schwarzenegger has named Reddit his safe social media heaven. We are sure his impromptu music video posts on Instagram might have something to say about that.

Arnold Schwarzenegger chooses Reddit as his favorite

Arnold Schwarzenegger may be close to your grandparent’s age, but he is not your ordinary millennial. He doesn’t need his kids telling him that Play Store is an application and not a real-life store. Schwarzenegger, 75 years old, is better than most of us on social media if his smart use of Snapchat is anything to go by.

You are still on the dark side and if you haven’t discovered Schwarzenneger’s Snapchat account where he relays his glorious bodybuilding knowledge. And also indulges us with the use of hilarious filters.

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Given his vast knowledge with a successful career in not just one but three fields, it is obvious that The Terminator actor has a lot to give back. And he feels that Reddit is the perfect place to do so. In 2015, the actor himself organized an advanced Terminator: Genisys screening on the platform. And to the delight of his Reddit fans, they got to meet The Terminator in flesh (pun intended) in New York.

When asked by a fan about his views on the app, Arnold Schwarzenegger said he “thinks the world of” it. And unlike many other actors who have expressed how the coming of social media was a difficult thing to adapt to, Schwarzenegger finds it wonderful. “I don’t really need the press,” said the actor on how he finds it easier to communicate with his fans by himself. And Arnold’s affair with Reddit is not unrequited seeing how his videos earn over 1.3 million views in no time.

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