“I don’t care what…” When Will Smith Compared Bill Clinton and Bill Gates Over Controversial Questions

“I don’t care what…” When Will Smith Compared Bill Clinton and Bill Gates Over Controversial Questions

Will Smith has never shied away from expressing his opinions. Be it politics, satire, or our ever-changing world, the Men in Black actor is aware of his surroundings and extremely vocal about it. Even in 2016, Smith and his wife Jada spoke against and boycotted the Academy Awards for the lack of diversity in the nominees. In fact, Smith has been quite outspoken since the 90s.

Coming from a humor background, Will Smith had a knack for making his voice heard in the most creative way. Even his views on political or controversial issues were crystal clear and yet had a comedic side to them. As they say, “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” Let us see what the Fresh Prince himself once said about former president Bill Clinton and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

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Will Smith viewed Bill Clinton and Bill Gates in the same way

Back in 1998, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith did an interview with RollingStone. In a particular segment, the couple was having a back-and-forth about the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky controversy. At its peak, the infamous incident was all anyone ever spoke about. Being the then President of the United States did not exempt Clinton from besmirching. He had to answer harsh and even borderline disrespectful questions gracefully. 

Will Smith vocally expressed his disdain for such a line of questioning. The Independence Day actor specifically despised “bizarre questions from intellectually barren inquisitors who talked to him (Clinton) as if he were Joe off the street.Smith’s outlook on the matter was very simple and straightforward. 

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For Smith, there is no difference in the way he would look at Bill Clinton and Bill Gates. “As long as my Microsoft stock is going up, I don’t care what Bill Gates does in the privacy of his own home,” admitted Will with a laugh. He also respected the station of a president and understood his own as a citizen. “The way I was raised, you deal with that stuff within the family,” says the Ali star, neatly summarizing his thoughts on the Clinton story.

What did you think of Will Smith’s opinion? Let us know in the comments below. Like this interview, you can also embrace a throwback and watch the 1997 hit Men in Black streaming on Netflix.

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