“I come from a family of Cassies and Rues,” Sydney Sweeney Used This ‘Euphoria’ Analogy to Show the Reality of Her Personal Life Back in 2022

“I come from a family of Cassies and Rues,” Sydney Sweeney Used This ‘Euphoria’ Analogy to Show the Reality of Her Personal Life Back in 2022

Sydney Sweeney has always been a person who is not shy about accepting the truth. Be it on camera or in real life, the White Lotus actress has a truthfulness that she applies to both her fictional character and her real self. And although she keeps her personal life very private, she once revealed a harsh truth about it.

Last year in November, the 25-year-old star gave an interview, in which she opened up about various aspects of her life. In the interview, she spoke about the dark secret of her family’s history of drug addiction. Moreover, she very smartly used her show Euphoria‘s analogy to compare her family’s history of addiction. “I come from a family of Cassies and Rues. Mostly Rues,” Sweeney mentioned to GQ magazine.

Rue is the main character of the show, a drug addict played by Zendaya who is recovering from the narcotics yet keeps falling into the loop. On the other hand, Sweeney’s character, Cassie, has a father who left her and her family because of his drug addiction. He eventually comes back to manipulate his family and trick them with fake love, eventually leaving them after stealing their money.

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Her father’s betrayal leaves Cassie in sheer pain and shatters her heart. But that was not it! The Sharp Objects star gave a detailed description of how drugs have destroyed the people in her family.

Who does Sydney Sweeney compare to the ‘Euphoria’ characters in her family?

The Spokane native has a list of relatives who are or were drug addicts and whose lives she has seen destroyed. She has a list of aunts, uncles, and even young cousins who fell into the trap of drugs and not only ruined their own lives, but also the lives of a lot of people around them. “It’s hard to watch someone want to destroy themselves,” she told the magazine.

This affected the small-town girl so much that she did not just decide to touch drugs, but did not even drink her whole life. In fact, she even made a vow to drink nothing but water. It is one of the reasons why she is the official ambassador of Bai water.

Sweeney has confirmed her return in the third season of Euphoria, although the release date of the show has not been revealed yet.

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