“I can’t smile and talk at the same time” – Throwback to When Henry Cavill Clapped Back at a Reporter During a DC Event

“I can’t smile and talk at the same time” – Throwback to When Henry Cavill Clapped Back at a Reporter During a DC Event

Henry Cavill is amongst the top faces in Hollywood today. The British actor has achieved almost everything there is to achieve in an acting career. Moreover, Cavill enjoys a massive following around the world. And when you are at a level of fame and stardom like Cavill, there are going to be people who try to pull you down. Cavill has always been a gentleman, both on and off the screens. However, that doesn’t mean that the actor lets everything slide. Previously, during a DC event, the Enola Holmes star proved how well he has learned to handle the ropes in an industry that always wants to pull you down.

The British actor majorly rose to fame with his role in the 2013 film, Man Of Steel. He was a relatively unknown face in Hollywood back then, but he did not let the media get the better of him. In 2014, DC was celebrating the 75th anniversary of Superman at the San Diego Comic-Con. And since he held the Superman mantle, Cavill had to deal with numerous media questions.

During the event, someone behind the lenses kept insisting the British actor to keep a smile on his face while answering. However, Cavill was not having it as he gave a befitting reply by mentioning, as per FandomWire, “I can’t smile and talk at the same time.” 

However, the reporter didn’t hold herself back either as she took a jibe at the actor. Following Cavill’s witty response, she clapped back, “Really? I thought they trained you to do all of those things.” 

When Henry Cavill had enough of trolls

As we all know, Henry Cavill has always been a calm actor. But he has his limits too. Previously, the actor had enough of his so-called fan base trolling him for his personal life. When the actor made his relationship official with Natalie Viscuso, some of his audience trolled the actor for his choice. However, Cavill was quick enough to shut the trolls down. The Enola Holmes star took to Instagram as he addressed the matter with a lengthy caption.

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However, it does not mean that the actor takes everything to heart. The actor once revealed once that he loved the various memes made about him following the poor CGI mustache removal in Justice League.

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