“I Can’t Get Him off The..”- Amanda Anka on How Jason Bateman Transformed From Boozing to Yogurt

“I Can’t Get Him off The..”- Amanda Anka on How Jason Bateman Transformed From Boozing to Yogurt

Jason Bateman is an inspiration to all of us for many reasons. Apart from the fact that the actor is hardworking and successful, his struggles with alcoholism have created a sense of relatability for him. How the actor struggled because of his addiction to parties which eventually started looking back on the work front and then rebuilding himself as one of Hollywood’s best, the actor has had one heck of a ride. And his wife Amanda Anka is to thank for a lot of reasons. As the actor mentioned in his SAG award acceptance speech, Amanda Anka is one of the core reasons behind why Jason Bateman could become as successful as he is today. In an interview in 2013, she opened up on how greatly the Ozark actor has transformed.

Amanda Anka on how Jason Bateman is new person

From not having any work to projects lined up for him not only as an actor but also as a director and producer Bateman has really earned his way up. And his struggles were no secret to anybody. When the ‘teen icon’ falls down to only making a few average films, the downfall was the only thing anyone could talk about. But through sheer perseverance and an ultimatum from his wife, the Ozark actor finally decided to get his act straight.

Now he has received the Golden Globes, SAG, and with another hit project, he will be well on his way to the Oscar stage. In an interview that he did with GQ in 2013, the actor revealed that contrary to popular belief, he is actually a very quiet person. And his wife is the complete opposite of him.

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I situate myself at the dinner table, not next to her but across from her, so I can watch her f***ing shoot that thing off” Bateman gushed about his wife. And Anka too returned the compliment with a “He’s the most sensitive, generous man without being fragile, which is interesting to me.”

The tale of how Amanda Anka gave Jason Bateman an ultimatum is a popular one. Not only because it marked a big change but also because it is quite a romantic story. Over the years Bateman has completely transformed himself not only as an actor but as a person. And if Anka’s “I can’t get him off the couch to go to a party. This is a guy who wants to go get frozen yogurt and come home” is anything to go by, then the actor has killed all traces of the party animal he once was.


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