“I can’t do it with her” – When Ryan Gosling Refused to Work With Rachel McAdams Initially in Their Award Winning Film ‘The Notebook’

“I can’t do it with her” – When Ryan Gosling Refused to Work With Rachel McAdams Initially in Their Award Winning Film ‘The Notebook’

Every film industry in the world has its own stories of feuds between some stars. Eventually, some of them become so famous that they are remembered and told now and then. One such story goes back to the year 2004. Remember the classic hit of that year, The Notebook? The film is considered a modern-day romance classic and won several awards that year in many fields. It is based on a 1996 novel by the same name by Nicholas Sparks. Set in the background of the 1940s, the film tells us the beautiful stories of Noah and Allie, played by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, respectively. However, the real story of these two while they were working together is a bit saddening.

Both of the actors were appreciated worldwide for their roles and chemistry in the film. However, very few know about the rivalry between them, which takes us back to the set of The Notebook. The fun part is that Ryan and Rachel dated for several years after the release of the film. But while they were on set, they did not even like to see each other.

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What happened between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams on the set of The Notebook?

The story of the feud between these two actors was revealed by the director of the film, Nick Cassavetes. Although Nick was hesitating to tell this story at first, later on, he told it in brief. He shared how both Gosling and McAdams were “really not” getting along on the set. Another fact about the film is that Rachel McAdams was the only person from the set of The Notebook that Ryan Gosling did not get along with.

Cassavetes told that Ryan personally requested him in front of 150 people to make Rachel leave and bring another actor to read a scene off camera with him. The director was surprised at this reaction. But Ryan kept on saying, “I can’t. I can’t do it with her. I’m just not getting anything from this.”

According to Cassavetes, the shooting resumed once he gave the two actors a chance to settle their differences. Although they did only one film together, they made the effect of it everlasting. Surprisingly, both the actors dated for two years despite all the differences.

If you want to watch the film, it is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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