“I am so much more low-key in real life” – Meghan Markle Once Revealed How Her Everyday Look Was in Contrast to Her on Screen Persona

“I am so much more low-key in real life” – Meghan Markle Once Revealed How Her Everyday Look Was in Contrast to Her on Screen Persona

Meghan Markle is one of the most influential public figures today. As Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex now, there is so much talked about and written about her, both positive and negative. However, long before she entered and exited the Royal Family, she was an American actress.

Let us take a walk down memory lane to when Meghan Markle compared her real, day-to-day appearance with her character’s looks. Perhaps, we can find out how different her Suits persona was from reality?

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Meghan Markle compared her Suits look with her everyday routine

Before marrying Prince Harry, Meghan Markle played the gorgeous paralegal and then a lawyer in the beloved legal drama, SuitsThe Duchess was a major part of the series for seven seasons out of the show’s nine-season run. Fans and critics alike loved and appreciated her character, not just for the performance, but also for the stunning appearance. Whether it was her clothes or her makeup, she inspired thousands around the world with her style.

Back in 2014, Meghan did an exclusive interview will Allure discussing her favorite make-up products and routine. When asked if she wears her look like Rachel from Suits, Markle responded with a negative.

I am so much more low-key in real life. She’s so polished. And it’s in HD, so the steps that go into looking good on a show are very different than in real life,stated the actress.

Talking about her daily routine, she revealed she skipped the foundation. The Duchess further explained how she followed her favorite, yet simple routine that she dubbed as “five-minute face.” it included Sephora’s concealer, curled lashes, chap stick, Touche Éclat, mascara, and a bit of blush.

However, she admitted she opted for a slightly elevated look for the night. That was when she wore the M.A.C. Teddy eyeliner, which has some gold in its beautiful brown. It was Kayleen McAdams, a makeup artist who had recommended the product to her. The fact that the stunning Sofia Vergara also used the same eyeliner only made it more appealing.

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After all, “who wouldn’t want those gorgeous brown almond eyes?” exclaimed Meghan.

Were you also a fan of Rachel Zane’s makeup and overall style? Let us know in the comments.

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