“I am allergic…” – Sydney Sweeney Explains How She Detects Fake Jewelry

“I am allergic…” – Sydney Sweeney Explains How She Detects Fake Jewelry

Sydney Sweeney has recently become the new face of Armani fragrance. As big as this achievement is for her, she is also excited about the upcoming projects she is going to be a part of, including Marvel’s Madame Web. She is starring alongside Dakota Johnson in the anticipated MCU film.

About a year ago, Sydney did a video with Cosmopolitan in which she was presented with all kinds of items, including food, clothes, makeup, and jewelry. All she had to do was differentiate between the cheap and the expensive ones. That’s when she showcased her unique talent to spot inexpensive and costly jewelry. Do you know how she does that?

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Sydney Sweeney has a special trick behind spotting cheap jewelry

The Euphoria star comes under the category of people who know themselves too well. And this quality of hers comes in handy now and then. This very same skill helped her spot the difference between cheap and expensive jewelry. In the video, she was presented with two chains, from which she had to tell which one was the more expensive one.

The Voyeurs actress said that she can spot real or fake jewelry if she wears it for a long time and added, “’cause I am allergic to fake jewelry.” Apparently, the fake jewelry gives the 25-year-old rashes, and that’s how she differentiates. Not so surprisingly, she succeeded in spotting the fake one.

The White Lotus star also claimed that her taste has changed over the years. She said this with the reference to the fact that she used to have loads of cheap jewelry before. This checks out because some time ago, Sweeney told that she is barely able to afford and maintain her luxurious lifestyle, and hence cheap jewelry makes sense. Even in the Cosmopolitan video, she mentioned that she does not have enough budget to buy fine jewelry.

However, she is starring in some of the major projects in 2023, including Madame Web, Sony Pictures’ Barbarella, and an unnamed rom-com with Glen Powell. Maybe these projects will help her buy the real jewelry she has been longing for.

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