“I always wanted to make….” – Remember When Ryan Gosling Revealed His One True Dream

“I always wanted to make….” – Remember When Ryan Gosling Revealed His One True Dream

Halloween has been an amazing event to dress up as your favorite characters and rock the parties. 2022 has inspired many Halloween costumes, and this one iconic character has been a fan favorite since foever. Do you want to know which character is it? It’s none other than Ken and Barbie from Barbie. Well, when Ryan Gosling was asked about his upcoming film Barbie, he promised the viewers would love it. Along with the promise, he revealed his one true dream.

Barbie is an upcoming film starring Margot Robbie alongside the La La Land actor. While the director, Greta Gerwig, thought the movie would end her career, fans have been waiting eagerly for it. Even the actors themselves are excited about the movie, so much so that one of them has a Halloween dream surrounding it.

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Ryan Gosling revealed his one true dream

As we all know, the Oscar slap incident of Will Smith inspired a controversial Halloween costume last year along with several ones. While it was unintentional, Gosling wants to inspire people to dress up as the character he portrays. When at the premiere of his action movie, The Gray Man, an interviewer from The Hollywood Reporter, asked him about his upcoming film Barbie, The Notebook actor revealed a major expectation out of his upcoming release. “This is my dream. I always wanted to make a character people go out for Halloween as,” he admitted.

Well, while the Russo Brothers think they inspired Gosling to take the role of Ken in the film, Barbie, this is what the Drive actor had in his mind, it would seem. Well, this is not the first time Barbie characters have inspired people to dress up and rock the characters. Do you remember the Netflix Original hit, The Sandman? Well, you could see Ken and Barbie in the series appearing in the most hilarious way possible.

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While we are talking about the doll film, Barbie, do you know there is a connection between Chris Evans and Gosling in the film as well? Well, yes, there is. Although fans would have to wait till October once again to dress up as Barbie and Ken at their Halloween parties.

Are you excited to slay the parties with the characters? Are you also excited about the film as well? Share your thoughts about it in the comment box below.

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