“I also want to dress up like me”: Millie Bobby Brown on Getting Robbed of Her Personality in All of Her Projects

“I also want to dress up like me”: Millie Bobby Brown on Getting Robbed of Her Personality in All of Her Projects

While actors are generally considered in high regard when they can blend into any role, they are often associated with an iconic character that they embodied in their career. Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt or Maverick or Harrison Ford as Han Solo or Indiana Jones comes to mind. Similarly, Millie Bobby Brown gained widespread recognition for her turn in Stranger Things as Eleven. 

While she is beloved for her role in the series, fans also love her in Enola Holmes and Godzilla. However, the 18-year-old now wishes that fans could separate her from her characters and see her as herself.

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Millie Bobby Brown regrets losing her personality during the recording

The Enola Holmes star has opened up about feeling robbed of her identity when she is playing characters on screen. The teenager is aware of the role the characters have played in her career and is proud of those roles, but can’t help feeling a little troubled. While she understands that it is her job as an actress, she wishes to at least dress like herself.

Everyone knows who I am because of the characters I play. And I love those characters, but I also want to dress up like me,” she said.  

Most of her roles aren’t exactly glamorous roles. Millie Bobby Brown loves wearing nail art, but since her characters are mostly not into trends, she has to pass on that. When she is playing Eleven, an outcast, the actress has to remove all her nail designs. In fact, she is not even allowed to have nails. Having a manicure or a pedicure is just not what Eleven would do when Vecna is threatening to kill everyone! 

Apart from that she is also not allowed to dye her hair when she is locked in a project and neither can the poor girl have a long day at the beach because her character has no reason for tanning!  We all know how much the actress loves changing her looks, so it must be hard to keep switching looks often.

Brown is currently filming for the last season of Stranger Things season 4 in Georgia.

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