“I almost wouldn’t want to”- ‘Stranger Things’ Star Makes a Strong Statement About Overtaking Hugh Jackman’s Beloved Wolverine

“I almost wouldn’t want to”- ‘Stranger Things’ Star Makes a Strong Statement About Overtaking Hugh Jackman’s Beloved Wolverine

Today, all the actors featured in the massive hit Stranger Things have gained recognition globally. This 80s sci-fi drama allowed many young and new faces to kickstart their career in the industry. Since Duffer Brothers had a large ensemble of characters effectively portrayed by talented actors, this overnight shot to stardom has brought several opportunities for them. Fans have seen how Millie Bobby Brown is taking over the world of entertainment following her role as Eleven.

The teen superstar is bagging huge paydays working with popular celebrities like Henry Cavill. Moreover, Sadie Sink marked her place among the young stars after her remarkable showdown with Vecna in the latest season. However, there is one star who doesn’t want to grab every chance instantly presented to them. He recently made a strong statement about overtaking the legendary MCU character played by Hugh Jackman for decades.

Stranger Things star does not wish to wear the claws of Wolverine 

In the latest interview with The Daily Telegraph, Dacre Montgomery presented his views regarding the speculations that he might replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. During the conversation, the Stranger Things star stated he is not sure about taking on such a legendary character.

The Australian actor said that being a newcomer, this can be the greatest opportunity. However, he wants to create his path and find an identity for himself, like the Les Miserable star. “I almost wouldn’t want to do that whole scenario injustice by trying to step into that space,” explained the 28-year-old star.

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Moreover, the Elvis star continued that he is not interested in the superhero genre at this time. But he still loves to watch all the blockbuster X-Men movies like any other fan.

Dacre Montgomery captured the attention of worldwide viewers with his badass character as Billy Hargrove in Stranger Things. The handsome but short-tempered teenager arrived in Hawkins with his stepsister Max Mayfield.

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While Dacre Montgomery does not resonate with Wolverine, who do you think will fit the crown most probably? Let us know your views in the comment section, and stay tuned for updates.But isn’t it an offer no one can refuse?

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