Hugh Jackman Hilariously Troll Ryan Reynolds While Doing a ‘Bit of Scene Work’

Hugh Jackman Hilariously Troll Ryan Reynolds While Doing a ‘Bit of Scene Work’

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds apart from having million-dollar movie franchises under their name also seem to have an infectious dark sense of humor. There have been many times when fans have petitioned for them to be in a comic movie. And this September, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were blessed with yet another great addition. Ryan Reynolds uploaded a video on YouTube announcing that Wolverine will now be a part of Deadpool 3. As if with its 782.6 million dollars box office collection and cult-like following, Deadpool wasn’t already one of the best superhero movies of all time.

Fans knew the moment they saw Wolverine in Deadpool 2 that he wasn’t there for nothing. While the movie isn’t releasing anytime soon considering that both Wolverine and Deadpool are assumed to be dead, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are busy as ever prepping and promoting the upcoming movie. And it of course would not be a real Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds interaction if it did not consist of their trademark leg-pulling style.

Hugh Jackman trolls Ryan Reynolds yet again on his Instagram story

As the spooky season rolls in, we have seen celebrities dressing up in a plethora of characters. No multiverse crossover is as big as celebrities dressing up for Halloween. And Hugh Jackman took the fun up a notch by trolling his competitor in dry humor and costar in the upcoming Deadpool 3 by posting an Instagram story trolling him. Looks like the actors are still not over their three years old truce.

The Golden Globe Award-winning actor shared a picture on his Instagram story with his Music Man co-star, Benjamin Pajak. The icing on the cake was Jackamn addressing Benjamin Pajak as Ryan Reynolds.

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Why you may ask? Because he had a Deadpool face mask. “Just doing a bit of scene work with @vancityreynold‘s body double @benjamin.pajak. The resemblance is uncanny,” wrote The Greatest Showman actor.

Benjamin Pajak on the other hand looked like he got his Halloween costume inspiration from five minutes craft considering that he thought a Deadpool face mask was enough of a disguise. Jackman made his signature Wolverine hand sign. The movie is two years away and yet Reynolds and Jackman are leaving no stone unturned in promoting the movie. Apart from coming back as Wolverine after almost five years, Hugh Jackman is working in the Franklin Lacey and Meredith Wilson musical titled The Musical Man.

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