Huffington Post Claims Killer Mike is a “more dangerous political rapper” Amidst the Kanye West Controversies Over THIS

Huffington Post Claims Killer Mike is a “more dangerous political rapper” Amidst the Kanye West Controversies Over THIS

Internet is usually under the notion that there is no one as controversial as the Donda rapper Kanye West. However, little does anyone know Kanye is just a tiny acorn before a mighty oak. Although it has not caught much of our attention, there supposedly exists a bigger player in the game who is far more menacing, or so says Huffington Post. If West and other political rappers are on one side, THIS entity alone is on another. 

Huffington Post brought the aforementioned to our notice. The news site, in its ‘opinion’ post, shared the name of one such artist, deeming him to be far more politically notorious than Ye. It is none other than Michael Santiago Rendor AKA Killer Mike.

Killer Mike is considered to be far more menacing than Kanye West

According to the article, Kanye is often deemed as one chaotic and misogynistic entity in the quagmire of controversies. All of it starts from his perennial infamous stances about slavery and the holocaust to his chaotic hate slogan against Black Lives Matter. His never-ending “conscious rants” on the internet have become nothing but a hollow campaign to gain media crowd and infamous popularity per Huffington Post. 

However, above him is Killer Mike. The Grammy award-winning rapper and entrepreneur, Michael Rendor, is claimed to be “vastly more dangerous than Kanye.” As one half of the political rap group, the star has a record of weighing on the most controversial matters of all time. Given his vague stance on Black Lives Matter, it has been a perilous job to determine where his intentions lie. 

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A comparison of Kanye and Mike’s controversies

For the unversed, the Atlanta rapper recently praised Georgia Governor Brian Kemp for his school campaign for the Black community. This came in light of Kemp’s well-established propaganda to keep the community at bay when it actually comes to their fundamental rights. The rapper’s act of making such a controversial politician his ally has raised far more concerns than Ye’s rants ever did. Highlighting the same, the post questioned his “disconcerting” inner motives of supporting someone who wishes to reverse all civil good.

This is way more perilous than anything Ye could do, stated the editor at last. 

Killer Mike rose as a political entity during his infamous interruption in the 2014 show. He had delivered some equally devastating comments that spread like wildfire. The rapper has also made an appearance in a short segment of the blockbuster crime and thriller, Ozark, by Jason Bateman.

Meanwhile, famous entities may not agree with HuffPost, given many brands distancing themselves from West and him losing his Billionaire status.

Are you in accord with Huffington Post’s opinions? Jot down your take on the matter in the comments below. 

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