How Will Love Is Blind Season 3 Be Different From the Other Two Seasons?

How Will Love Is Blind Season 3 Be Different From the Other Two Seasons?

Love is Blind Season 3 release date is right around the corner. The dating reality television series caught the attention of Netflix fans all around the world with the question that the entire series is based on: “Is love blind?” The question has been a debate on many nights with friends and family, and being the genius that Chris Coelen is, he took the bait and turned it into a reality show that has the attention of millions in a chokehold.

Whether you watch it for laughs or are invested in whether or not the competitors will find love at the end of the season, it is no doubt that dating variety shows are extremely addictive. And one with a meaningful narrative, such as Love Is Blind, is more so. Additionally, the show had love birds Amber Pike and Matt Barnett and Lauren Speed and Camron Hamilton saying their I’do’s at the end of the first season, which premiered in 2020. The second installment also gave us two beautiful couples. However, they did not last for long. Find out the creator, Chris Coelen’s views on this situation. And what is in store for fans in Love is Blind Season 3.

Chris Coelen and his thoughts on the ‘Love is Blind’ ideology

With Love is Blind Season 3 just around the corner, the creator has weighed in on some crucial discussions. Most important of them being both the couples from season 2 calling it quits. Speaking to Ariana Romero, about whether this is a failure of the show, Chris said he does not think like that. He believes that Love Is Blind challenges people and gives them a chance to find the person they want to spend their lives with.

Being a small part of this moment is what makes the show a success. He does not count whether or not they stay together as an element to measure the show’s success. Another interesting fact to note is that Love Is Blind Season 3 was filmed right after Season 2, so the cast does not know the aftermath. Hyping up the cast of the upcoming season, Chris said that they are smart, fun, and willing to take on challenges. Make sure you do not miss out on the cast reunion in Love Is Blind: After The Altar Season 2 on Netflix.

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