How We Were Kept From Getting a Ryan Reynolds and Henry Cavill Team-Up by Netflix

How We Were Kept From Getting a Ryan Reynolds and Henry Cavill Team-Up by Netflix

Hollywood boasts some of its giants with their specifically associated movies and characters. For instance, Henry Cavill, the Superman of the Geralt of Rivia, and the Deadpool of the Marvel Universe, Ryan Reynolds. But have you ever thought that we would get a chance to have these two top-tier actors in one movie?

Yes, you read it right. Rumors are such that the Greek Prince Henry Cavill and Ryan Reynolds are up for a team up on a forthcoming movie. However, no officials have confirmed it yet. Here are all the details of the movie that could possibly see these two actors together.

What is the rumored movie that would bring Henry Cavill and Ryan Reynolds together?

Ryan Reynolds is already gushing these days with the huge myriad of his upcoming movies. He is so caught up that it is even impossible to keep track of all his work at the same time. But when it comes to comic adaptations, there is no one as such better than him. Apparently, the Olympic God, Henry Cavill, was in talks with a Ryan movie’s sequel. This was leaked to mainstream media by an insider named David Richtman, who said they are trying to get Henry on board for the 6 Underground Sequel. However, that is still very unlikely to happen. 

While Ryan is busy helming the Deadpool movie with the Marvel tag for the first time, they have almost officially confirmed Henry’s return to the DC Extended Universe as the superman. So everything about their team-up is still very uncertain. It is nowhere officially confirmed, but the rumors are still in the air.

Both superstars have acted in a vast range of movies. These two have completely nailed it: from action to adventure to fantasy and even sports. Hence, if there is any possibility of Deadpool and Superman in one movie, fans would go insane in the Hollywood multiverse. Moreover, it would give them a boost for their individual projects as a lot of them are already waiting in the queue.

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What do you think about the rumor? How do you think Henry Cavill would fit into a movie alongside Ryan Reynolds? Do let us know in the comments below.

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