How Netflix’s ‘Formula 1: Drive to Survive’ Fueled the Racing Fandom and Sportainment Industry

How Netflix’s ‘Formula 1: Drive to Survive’ Fueled the Racing Fandom and Sportainment Industry

Media transcends all borders to reach people in the most remote parts of the world. Netflix truly understands how media can affect people and eventually create change for good. That’s why apart from light-hearted content, Netflix also provides us with thought-provoking shows and films. Netflix’s hit docuseries Formula 1: Drive to Survive is a case in point. The show has not only taken the already well-established sport of racing to new heights. But also gave it newfound popularity and new stars.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive—Growing with and changing the sport

The hit docu-series Formula 1: Drive to Survive gives the audience an inside look into the high octane sport of racing was a savior when it was first released in 2019. It came to the rescue of people when the global pandemic hit us. Viewers were instantly hooked onto the drama and rivalry between the racers.

Not only did the series entertain people when they were under extensive lockdowns, it also had a really positive effect on the sport and increased its popularity when no real racing could occur.

While talking about how Drive to Survive kept the sport in relevance, the French Formula One driver Esteban Ocon said, “To be in the spotlight at a time when it was quite quiet for me,”

Creating a new generation of fans

Drive to Survive has truly done remarkable service to the sport. By showing people how thousands of things take place before each race, fans understand the depth of this otherwise not-so-appreciated sport.

In an interview, New York fashion designer Sandy Liang talked about how watching Drive to Survive during the corona pandemic in 2020 made her fall in love with the show. “I was never really into F1 until the Netflix show,” she says.

Sandy adds that she was hooked on the series only after watching two episodes, especially the race and rivalry between Ricciardo and Max Verstappen. While recalling the two racers’ thrilling race in Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Sandy says that “Wow. This is drama. This is hot.

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Not only Sandy is a fan of the show but a huge follower of the sport and the racers now. While crediting Netflix for this new interest in the sport, Sandy says “I feel like I know them through the Netflix show,” 

Everybody wants a slice of the Netflix Pie

The sport of Formula One has been around for years now. Through the years, it has given the world some really huge stars like Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton. However, the show being not indigenous to any state or country lacked that extra bit of fame.

But after premiering of Drive to Survive, the racing industry has truly seen a boon. Zak Brown, the American CEO of McLaren Racing, has said that he has received calls from many major leagues asking “How can we get on Netflix?” 

When is season 4 coming?

After three immensely successful seasons, it was a no-brainer when Netflix announced Formula 1: Drive to Survive will be getting a season four.

Currently, all three seasons are streaming on Netflix. And the newest fourth season was released on March 11th.

Were you a fan of F1 before Drive to Survive or like us, did Netflix introduce you to this beautiful sport? Let us know the answer in the comment section below.

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