How The Creators Mocked Henry Cavill and Beau DeMayo’s Demand to Stick to the Source Work for ‘The Witcher’

How The Creators Mocked Henry Cavill and Beau DeMayo’s Demand to Stick to the Source Work for ‘The Witcher’

If there is one question that still lingers with Henry Cavill fans to this date, it is his sudden departure from Netflix’s show, The Witcher. What looked like a promising year for Witcher fans, the actor left everyone in shock as he bid farewell to the role of the Geralt of Rivia. And even now, the actor’s exit from the show is a subject of discussion among the masses. With his Warhammer project in the works and as Cavill slowly leaves the mess behind, new theories are still emerging about the actor.

As we all know, Cavill is a huge nerd of fantasy novels and video games. The massive knowledge that the actor enjoys about The Witcher franchise played a huge part in landing him the role. And furthermore, it also helped the actor do justice to the character and popularize it. However, recent reports suggest that Netflix mocked the actor’s demand to stick to the source material for the show.

The truth behind Henry Cavill and Beau DeMayo’s troubles with the creators

One of the main speculated reasons behind Cavill’s exit from The Witcher was the creative differences that the actor had with showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich. While Cavill always wanted to stick to the source material, creators wanted to shift from it to lure the audience. Alongside Cavill, even Beau DeMayo was in favor of following the original source to continue the story. According to FandomWire, the duo wanted the golden role of having fans of the Witcher video game and novels as writers to be followed. However, the creators were not on board with the suggestion.

Apparently, the studio was not a fan of the source behind the live adaption a.k.a. Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels. While Cavill and DeMayo were advocating Sapkowski’s work, the creators had a different plan in mind. All this chaos amongst the creators and Cavill was a major factor that instigated his exit from the show. And sadly, the actor’s seven-season deal with the streamer was cut short. Not long ago, another speculated reason behind the actor’s exit from The Witcher surfaced online.

Upcoming projects by the actor

Even though Cavill will no longer reprise some of his very popular roles, the fans still have a lot to look forward to. Apart from the upcoming Warhammer project with Amazon Prime Video, the actor is all set to reunite with director Guy Ritchie. Cavill will star in an upcoming world war 2 film The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare.

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