How Natalie Portman Inspired Sydney Sweeney to Take up a Challenging Role Following Immense Success From ‘Euphoria’

How Natalie Portman Inspired Sydney Sweeney to Take up a Challenging Role Following Immense Success From ‘Euphoria’

Washington blonde Sydney Sweeney is slowly but steadily on her path to the top. The determined Euphoria-fame actress constantly gets challenging roles because of her good work. Her excellent acting skills have gotten her two Emmy Award nominations.

Although she did not win an Emmy award, fans have immense love for her and the character Cassie Howard whom she plays in Euphoria. Right after the first wave of the pandemic was over, this Everything Sucks star’s horror drama Nocturne was released. And that is when this 25-year-old actress revealed why she takes on the most challenging roles.

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Who inspired Sydney Sweeney to take up challenging roles?

Sydney played the role of one of the twin sisters in the film Nocturne. Sweeney gave an interview to Hunger shortly after the film’s release, in which she mentioned that when she first read the script, she immediately thought of the 2010 film Black Swan. Moreover, she instantly thought of Natalie Portman, who played the lead role in that film. In fact, she also won the Academy Award for “Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role.”

The Handmaid’s Tale actress thought the story had vibes similar to the Oscar-winning film, as she is a massive fan of the film and Portman. “I think Natalie Portman’s incredible,” she said as she mentioned that she wanted to come out of the character of Cassie Howard. She wanted to do something different and found the role of Juliet a perfect match.

The part she liked the most about her character in Nocturne was that the character fights her battles struggling by herself, and there are many psychological intricacies to her, which inspired the actress to pick the role.

Sydney Sweeney usually picks roles where the characters are either mentally struggling or lost in their own world. Her portrayal of such characters who are still trying to get it together is very realistic and relatable. This is a huge reason why people like her so much.

So, which is your favorite role of Sydney Sweeney? Tell us in the comments.

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