How Michael B. Jordan Lived His Goku Dreams While Directing ‘Creed III’

How Michael B. Jordan Lived His Goku Dreams While Directing ‘Creed III’

Michael B. Jordan added stars to his already booming career by directing the third installment of Creed: Creed III. This movie came with its risks. While Jordan has proved himself as an actor through various phenomenal performances, including previous installments of Creed, it was his first time as a director. The actor had already been a part of the Creed world through the past installments and, as he took on a director’s role for the third movie, he knew just what to add. Jordan, who is a self-proclaimed anime geek, carefully studied the intricacies that make animes not only entertaining but an emotional watch.

Fast forward to the release, and Jordan’s anime into Creed infusion has resulted in the highest-earning sports movie ever made. The actor has incorporated some classic anime elements in pivotal parts of Creed III and anime fans are delighted.

Michael B. Jordan just made the best live-action animes of all time

Through just his first directorial venture, Jordan has gotten fans smitten with what more he has to offer as a filmmaker. While the attention to detail in terms of camera angle, fight sequences, and cinematography is commendable, it is, however, the anime references that are stealing the show. Anime to Jordan is more than just an entertaining watch. It is a phenomenon.

I love the themes of anime, culturally, what they say about the bonds of friendships, betrayal, revenge, promises,” the Creed III director revealed in an interview with IndieWire.

When Jordan was announced as the director of the third installment, there was doubt of the movie even being remotely compelling only for him to break the glass ceiling.

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The actor specifically named Dragon BallZ as an inspiration and the reference is crystal clear in Adonis and Damian’s big fight. Production houses often loom classic animes into badly executed live-action movies. This has, over the years, killed any hope that anime fans have for an accurate live-action anime movie. And Michael B. Jordan’s impactful anime references have unintentionally soothed burns he did not cause.

Creed III: Anime’s big breakout

In the past years, anime has transcended borders with its impactful and innovative storytelling. Its cult-like following is no news to anyone. Despite its popularity, the Anime genre still qualifies as an underdog owing to the lack of presence on the big screen. However, with Michael B. Jordan acting as president of the anime fandom and showcasing an anime live-action done right at the box office with Creed III, fans are seeing a much wider horizon.

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Jordan’s remarkable vision has made it difficult to conclude whether it was the Creed franchise that benefitted through the anime references or was it the other way around. What is clear, however, is that Jordan might have unintentionally or intentionally opened bigger doors for anime.

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