How Meghan Markle’s Father Turned Into an “existential crisis” for the Royal Family

How Meghan Markle’s Father Turned Into an “existential crisis” for the Royal Family

When Thomas Markle started giving haphazard interviews to the press, the royal family found itself at a loss for words. While it definitely seems like a piece of cake compared to what they are dealing with now, the controversy that erupted due to Thomas Markle’s statement will forever be a dent in its well-kept image. But more than the royal family, Thomas Markle’s statements have caused harm to Meghan Markle and we are not even talking about the emotional aspect of it.

Not only did his statements stick with her throughout her time in the royal family, but continue to stick with her now as she and Prince Harry are rebuilding their lives in California. And not only fans but an experienced royal aide also thinks that the institution could have handled the situation better.

Thomas Markle paved the wave for Megxit

Even before the couple could get comfortable in their married lives, Markle’s father seemingly went berserk, claiming that he was not invited to the wedding. Thomas Markle gave one interview after another, adding more juicy details as he went by. He also once claimed to have hung up the phone on Prince Harry. And before the Palace could get in touch with him, things had already gotten out of hand.

A Palace aide, who was heavily involved in Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, described the royal family’s handling of Thomas Markle as inept. He compared it to the case of Kate Middleton’s uncle and how the issue was solved in a jiffy as the Palace was quick on its toes.

When Kate’s uncle Gary found himself in the newspaper spotlight, he was brought into the fold, not excluded,” the aide says. But as Richard Kay describes in his report to The Daily Mail, Thomas Markle had turned into an “existential crisis for the Queen’s family,”.

The palace aide believes that a huge reason behind the situation getting out of hand is because Meghan Markle’s father was treated as an “afterthought“. Looking at the bigger picture, the entire feud is fueled by the Palace being careless enough to not invite Meghan Markle’s first family. The aide too noted that the situation could have been easily avoided if the institution had been thorough in its invites. And the invitation would have done no harm and would have been saved as a token of friendship and new beginnings. Markle’s relationship with her father remains strained to date.

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