How Meghan Markle Survived a Riot in Buenos Aires During Her Active Political Days

How Meghan Markle Survived a Riot in Buenos Aires During Her Active Political Days

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made some shocking revelations in their Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan. One of them was the revocation of their security a little while after they moved to the USA, and how they had to struggle to keep their kids safe. It was Tyler Perry who offered them his home and security, which helped the couple survive the pandemic.

Of course, after becoming a Princess and a celebrity, Meghan enjoyed her own security. But did you know she was once attacked while she was in this South American country before being a celebrity?

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The attack was the most haunting incident that happened to Meghan Markle

Meghan got her fair share of popularity through the law drama Suits. She played the role of a woman called Rachel Zane, and that became quite her identity until her news of dating Prince Harry became viral. But before getting the role in the show, she went to study Theatre and International Relations at Northwestern University near Chicago.

While doing the course, she had to apply for an internship for which she went to Buenos Aires and while she was there; she worked for U.S. Embassy. And that is when the incident happened which still haunts Meghan.

As per Express, royal biographer Andrew Morton revealed the incident during his research for a book he was writing on Markle called Meghan: A Hollywood Princess. When she was working for the State Department in the country, one of the worst moments for her was when she was traveling in a convoy.

Some demonstrators attacked the Duchess of Sussex while she was traveling with the convoy. Although she wasn’t hurt, the placards were smashed into the crew’s vehicle, which scared her to the core.


Seems like Meghan Markle’s struggles with security are quite a lot. Back in the year 2016, when Prince harry announced her relationship with her, media around the world started “stalking the Suits actress up to the level that she had to hire private security. However, after leaving the royal family, the couple is now paying for their own security, which is much needed since their involvement in the controversies.

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If you want to know more about Meghan Markle’s struggle with security, watch the couple docuseries, Harry & Meghan, only on Netflix.

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