How Meghan Markle and Her Apparent Attempt To Be The “Queen Bee” Led To More Deepening Differences Amongst the Royals

How Meghan Markle and Her Apparent Attempt To Be The “Queen Bee” Led To More Deepening Differences Amongst the Royals

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been the hot topic of the town for a while now. The news of the couple giving up on the royalty made a lot of chaos in the Kingdom. Soon after the couple shifted to The States, countless stories have been brewing up behind them doing so. Some said it was the racism that the couple had to endure, while others pointed out Markle’s profession to be the prime reason. 

Here is another factor pointed out by a royal reporter that is basically the amalgamation of all odds against Meghan. The correspondent also brought in some unanticipated revelations about the sidelined working ex-royal, which apparently was the root of the entire fiasco. Here is what she said. 

Royal expert speaks about Meghan Markle and her apparent “Queen Bee” personality

The Royal expert wrote that the major reason behind the clash of personalities at their home palace was Meghan’s alleged “Queen Bee” behavior. In a live interview with true expert, Katie Nicholl explained the strenuous routine of Meghan’s working hours. According to her, Meghan emailing early in the day was not the real issue behind the clash.

What infuriated the senior royals was that Meghan wanted to do everything in a single go and expected things to happen when she wanted it to. “She expected an immediacy that went with those dawn emails so that she’d hatch an idea, and want it executed by the next day,” said Nicholl. Apparently, she could not get used to the pace at which the Palace worked.

Nicholl thought there were cultural clashes and gave a thought to the personality clashes as well. But after much speculation, she ultimately figured out that Meghan did want to be the “Queen bee” of the family. This interference in the Palace’s ways did not sit well with other members.  

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Such are the controversies that have surrounded the Duchess of Sussex for almost a year. In the heat of unavoidable circumstances, the youngest couple of the monarchy stepped back as “the senior members” of the British royal family, on 8th January 2020. 

What did you think about the above-mentioned reasons behind Meghan Markle receiving endless hatred and criticism? Comment down your opinions. 

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