How Many ‘After’ Movies Are There And How to Watch Them?

How Many ‘After’ Movies Are There And How to Watch Them?

The After movies revolve around a disastrous couple in the suburbs of the USA. A simple and innocent girl, Tessa, steps out of her threshold to leave a mark on the world. Quite unexpectedly and unknowingly, she runs into a brooding, mysterious and tattooed rebel, Hardin who only cares about feeding his ego and meeting his sexual needs. However, after they collide, both their lives are changed forever. Their coming together was perhaps the only good part of their lives as it takes an entire toll on the other side.

Through their experience, they learn that love is a warehouse that could accommodate a considerable amount of cruelty. However, each time they sense that in some strange, tangential way, Hardin needed Tessa’s shade as much as she needed his. They loved each other through all the perils of life and always will. This is what After offers. A heart-wrenching and extremely emotional saga that makes us all resonate our lives with it. Ever since the first installment, it has been a rollercoaster of an obsessive franchise for the audience.

Hearing about it for the first time? Well, we must say, you are missing out on life. But worry you not since we have you covered. Here are all the details about how many After movies are there and where you can stream them.

How many After movies are there and where can you stream them?

The After film series is based on a novel by Anna Todd under the same name. The movies cast Josephine Langford as Tessa Young and Hero Finesse Tiffin as the grumpy, bad boy with a Prince’s visage, Hardin Scott. The first movie, After, which witnesses the spring of their relationship in the university escapades hit the Amazon Prime audience with its charisma in 2019.

Fans had gone absolutely obsessed with the couple and waited for a year till we got the next movie. The second installment called After We Collided, delivered by Netflix in 2020 is still on its platform. This movie showed the harsh cold winters of their lives, ruthlessly wreaking havoc in the couple’s life. Nevertheless, they came back to each other, and it was a complete masterpiece as well.

The third and the latest movie of the franchise which completely devastated us was After We Fell. It was by far the most intense and heartbreaking movie of the series that is available on Netflix. It literally got us crying our hearts out every fifteen minutes. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, a series of dark mysteries and complications of their families lashed the couple once again, leaving them baffled. 

However, here we are, with the last and final installment, After Ever Happy, that landed in the cinemas today. Netflix will get the movie within a few months. We now know what Anna Todd and director Castille Landon have in store for us. Nevertheless, be aware that it’ll break your hearts into a thousand pieces again as per the trailer. But we truly hope it ends on a softer note with the couple still together.

Not to exaggerate but fans are dearly attached to the franchise and we would die for a happy ending for Hardin and Tessa. Give yourselves the final treat at the cinemas and later on Netflix, as this is the last time we see the couple together on screen.

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