How Kim Kardashian Blamed Kanye West After Getting Trolled Over Her Firey Dress

How Kim Kardashian Blamed Kanye West After Getting Trolled Over Her Firey Dress

Kim Kardashian spilled the tea on trills over her firey dress. The socialite may have been known for her fashion sense. But it certainly got elevated after she married rapper and designer Kanye West. The two would always be clicked together, even wearing coordinated outfits sometimes, making one of the most sought-after couples in the glamorous industry.

The main Kardashian is known for experimenting with her outfits, most recently for her Marilyn Monroe dress. Though she would regularly take advice from her former husband Ye. He even helped her design packaging for SKIMS after they separated. But she was spotted in a fiery costume earlier this year, the celebrity was quick to clarify her name.

Kim Kardashian defended her dress choice post the breakup with Kanye West

Kanye West may not be on Keeping up with the Kardashians anymore. But the couple’s fans certainly remind Kim Kardashian about him. The businesswoman was spotted wearing a black and red fiery dress in April this year. Trolls were quick to make a mockery of it, pointing out how her sense of fashion is out of line since Kanye West left.

She clarified during the post-credits of KUWK about whose idea it was to design the dress. “The tea is, this is one of the outfits he styled and picked out,” Kim said. It was perhaps the last outfit that Kanye suggested she wear. But since they had broken up and she was spotted alone, trolls were wondering if she is out of clothes picked by him.

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Kardashian’s outfit was paired with a furry black handbag, and shades with fur lining to complete the look. As per trolls, she very much resembled characters from the animated movie, The Incredibles. While some others took a step ahead and marked similarities between her and the American restaurant Guy Fieri.

At least it was all in good fun, as opposed to the mass criticism she faced for wearing the iconic late actress, Marilyn Monroe’s dress during this year’s Met Gala. Though she maintains that no harm was done to the dress. As for Kanye West, there is a slim chance of her taking fashion advice from him again.

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