How Julia Garner Had Her “pinch me” Moment At The Backstage of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

How Julia Garner Had Her “pinch me” Moment At The Backstage of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

We all have that one person since childhood that we are head over heels for. All we dream for is somehow we get to meet them, to meet our superheroes, to meet the ones we spent our childhood with. Well, there’s no denying that it happens to the best of us. And Ozark’s queenpin Ruth Langmore aka Julia Garner is no exception. The actress has become a youth icon of Hollywood by giving two powerful performances on two Netflix shows.

As she left her fans stunned by her talent and the way she portrayed these badass boss ladies in Inventing Anna and Ozark. Now, it seems her heart’s desire has finally been fulfilled, but it’s definitely not becoming a popular face. Do you know what the biggest wish of her life was? Keep reading to know what made Julia happiest on Jimmy Kimmel’s Live show. 

Julia Garner got her best memory at Jimmy Kimmel Live Show’s backstage

Julia Garner, the shining star of Ozark, went to the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to talk about her extraordinary roles in Netflix shows. She sat down with the host to share her experience living with these criminal characters, women who were unapologetic for the action and decisions they took in life.

Fans went crazy after seeing beautiful Julia in the world of gangsters and feigned personalities. But we didn’t really know that this rising star was herself a big fan of Quentin Tarantino.

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She met the iconic American filmmaker after her interview with Jimmy Kimmel. The actress shared a post on Instagram having a fan moment with Tarantino. She looked so cheerful in the photos as she finally got to meet the man.

She also wrote in the caption that she spent her childhood watching his movies, and now, meeting him in person was an unbelievable experience. Moreover, she took this lifetime opportunity to take his autograph on an original Reservoir Dog poster. The actress also thanked the crew of the Jimmy Kimmel show who made this moment possible.

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What would be your reaction if you met the icon of your life? Do tell us your views in the comment section below. Meanwhile, stay tuned with us to keep getting such moments from your favorite stars. You can stream Ozark and Invention Anna, available on Netflix.

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