How is Kanye West Quite the Revolutionist Just Like Vincent Van Gogh?

How is Kanye West Quite the Revolutionist Just Like Vincent Van Gogh?

Comparing Kanye West to Vincent Van Gogh, the popular painter is not a stretch, as one might think. In fact, the two geniuses have many more things in common than one could imagine. Apart from just dropping out of school at a young age to focus on their craft, the two have had an extreme dedication to their art and have submitted themselves to it completely.

Despite the eccentricities that Kanye tends to exhibit, it is impossible to deny that he is a superstar. The man is a sensation and has contributed a lot to the music industry. He is constantly revolutionizing, trying to do something new, just like Van Gogh. 

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How are Van Gogh and Kanye West similar?

Without the influence and work of Van Gogh, the world would not have Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, or any other popular artists today. He played a big part in revolutionizing art. He was the first to usher in the impasto style. Breaking the norm, he used vivid colors in his paintings and thus, modern art was born. Much in the same way, Kanye West is constantly moving in the opposite direction of the crowd.

He changed the game for the better when he released his Yeezus album in 2013. The sixth studio album, hailed as a concept album, was extremely controversial for its “offensive lyrics” and “abrasive production.” Even Ye chose a rather minimalistic CD cover image for the album cover for people to focus on the music first. It received a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album.

Soon after, he would announce a Yeezus tour, which would become a visual and a musical spectacular for the audience. Ye took care of every minute thing in the production. It was not just a traditional concert with back-up dancers and lights. The concert had two mountains, one of them split later into a volcano, it had an 8-legged devil creature, white Jesus, snow, backup dancers as priestess, and Ye himself in a bejeweled mask.

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