How Henry Cavill Slyly Turned Down ‘Superman’ and Warner Bros. Questions During a 2020 Interview

How Henry Cavill Slyly Turned Down ‘Superman’ and Warner Bros. Questions During a 2020 Interview

Will Henry Cavill wear the Superman cape again? The actor who made his breakthrough role as Kent Clark in the DC movie reprised his role several times thereafter. The role also paved the way for new opportunities for the British star. Today, we know the actor is returning as the Man of Steel, but it wasn’t always the case and so Cavill refrained from talking about the same in interviews.

Cavill is still at the peak of his career, exploring further into fantasy films and mastering the genre. But regardless of the roles he does, for fans, he will always be the man in a red and blue suit, out to save the world. So even when he got the opportunity to speak in his British accent for Enola Holmes, there were questions about his DC movies, which the actor slyly managed to avoid.

Will Henry Cavill return as Superman after Enola Holmes with Millie Bobby Brown?

Henry Cavill’s movie with Millie Bobby Brown was released in 2020, wherein he played the role of Enola’s (Brown’s) elder brother, Sherlock Holmes. During an interview for the movie, he was asked about his future plans with Warner Brothers for three films, including Superman. In fact, there were rumors of him approaching the company with an idea about the next sequel. The actor was asked to respond to these rumors, to which the actor cheekily replied, “Well, I think it’s important that this should be about Enola Holmes.”

Although he avoided answering the question, he did give a firm “No.” And while Henry wanted the focus to be his new detective movie, the actor was more than willing to discuss pandemic baking, gaming, his Netflix show The Witcher, and even Zack Snyder’s Justice League during the interview.

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Although the actor did reveal of not doing any re-shoots for Zack Snyder’s 4+ hour cut of Justice League. He smartly kept mum about his future plans with DC. His Enola Holmes 2 is queued up for release this year. As for DC projects, we know he will appear in Black Adam along with Dwayne Johnson, and most recently, he is buzzing in news for Man of Steel 2.

Which one of these movies are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments.

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