How Hasan Minhaj Damaged a Lot of Fans With ‘The King’s Jester’ on Netflix

How Hasan Minhaj Damaged a Lot of Fans With ‘The King’s Jester’ on Netflix

What makes humans really special is the gift of the ability to speak. They have this special power through which they can express themselves. However, this often turns into a disaster when they misuse this power, and most of the time, when they misuse it, they hurt someone. American comedian Hasan Minhaj did something similar, which destroyed his fans. The new episode of the comedian’s Netflix standup comedy special The King’s Jester was released recently. In this comedy special, Hasan made a joke that he shouldn’t have as it made the fans sad and angry.

Hasan Minhaj fans are quite disappointed

Hasan is a standup comedian and actor of Indian origin. He has also worked as a senior correspondent on The Daily Show. His standup specials Homecoming King and Patriot Act have been released on the streaming giant before. The controversy began when his new special, The King’s Jester, was released. So the comedian seemed to have made fun of a person who got 86 likes. He said that if he got only 86 likes for a photo, he will die. Fans found it to be quite insensitive, as it promotes the insecurity people have while they use social media.

It is possible that Minhaj meant it just as a joke and nothing else. However, it is not the first time the comedian landed in hot waters for one of his jokes. In 2019, Netflix infamously removed the second episode of Patriot Act from its Saudi Arabian channels upon receiving legal demand. While this development never deterred his fans before, his recent joke certainly didn’t land well.

Fans do not seem to be happy with what Hasan has said. They have taken to social media to express their disappointment.

Some of them are in utter shock, and they can not believe their favorite comedian said such an insensitive thing.

On the other hand, some people appreciated it.

Hasan’s remarks seem to have divided the Twitter with many taking sides. Which side are you on? Do you think his joke landed well?

If you want to watch the comedy special The King’s Jester, you can watch it on Netflix.

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