How Getting a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Turned Into a Roast Fest for Jason Bateman by Jennifer Aniston and Will Arnett

How Getting a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Turned Into a Roast Fest for Jason Bateman by Jennifer Aniston and Will Arnett

Jason Bateman grew up in front of the screens. Ever since that one cereal commercial, the actor has been on one project after another. After giving polished performances in well-written sitcoms and thrillers his popularity has soared to unprecedented heights. But Bateman’s popularity in the 90s as the teen icon of Hollywood would give tough competition to the one has earned as a renowned actor. Over the years, the actor has been at the receiving end of countless awards.

The most prestigious among the lot are his two-time SAG award wins and a Golden Globe. But the fact that you are a ‘star’ truly hits when you have a star with your name imprinted on it on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. And Jason Bateman got his star cemented on the walk of fame on the 26th of July in 2017. And to honor his achievement, two of his closest friends and mega stars themselves quipped in to honor him.

How Jennifer Aniston and Will Arnett made Jason Bateman’s Walk of fame star memorable?

Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman have worked in several movies together. But the two of them have been friends since long before then. So it goes without saying that the F.R.I.E.N.D.S actress had to be present when Bateman got his star on the Walk of Fame. The actress took to the stage to honor her friend and his achievements. But what is a true friend, if they don’t, embarrass you in public? And Jennifer Aniston did just that.

The actress began to pull up one embarrassing childhood picture of Bateman after another. Most remarkable among them is the time that Jason Bateman was on the cover of Muppet magazine.

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After the jokes, Aniston called Bateman “one of the loveliest men to be around” as reported by People. Following in Aniston’s footsteps was Bateman’s Arrested Development co-star, Will Arnett. Bateman may have gotten the star but it was the Bluth family and Trump family parallel that Arnett drew which stole the show.

I think you’re hotter than Ivanka,” said Arnett about Bateman. And if you ask us, what better way to honor your friend getting his star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame than by calling him hotter than Ivanka Trump? Moving on, Will Arnett also added that no one deserves the star more than Jason Bateman. Apart from Will himself, of course.

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