How Does Millie Bobby Brown Make Henry Cavill Feel “Super Uncomfortable”?

How Does Millie Bobby Brown Make Henry Cavill Feel “Super Uncomfortable”?

Millie Bobby Brown has developed quite the chemistry with Henry Cavill on-screen. This is, of course, due to the time they spent playing on-screen brother and sister in the Netflix flick, Enola Holmes. The two first met in 2020, when Cavill was roped in as Sherlock Holmes, the older brother of Enola.

The Superman actor has reprised his role as the astute brother once again in the Brown-led movie. During the press junket, the duo has shown their camaraderie several times on camera. In fact, their friendship extends beyond the camera lenses, as is evident from the Enola Holmes bloopers. The actors had quite the fun filming, Brown especially had a great time annoying Cavill. The actress recently shared just how she did it.

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Millie Bobby Brown uses her baby voice to make Henry Cavill uneasy 

Millie Bobby Brown has found Superman’s weak spot. His superhuman strength and X-Ray visions don’t matter when the actress uses her baby voice. During one scene in the gag reel, we see Brown use her baby voice to explain that the sound is that of a helicopter to Henry Cavill. The Florence by Mills owner explained awkwardly that she likes using her baby voice from time to time. However, she notes that the Man of Steel actor especially is not a fan of that kiddie voice.

I like to make Henry feel super uncomfortable. When I do it, I think it works,” she explained. 

The two share a “healthy friendship” but a friendship that comes with terms and conditions. Due to their huge age gap, the actors maintain a boundary and Cavill is certainly quite strict about that with Millie. But that certainly does not stop Millie from teasing him a little. 

The Witcher star had previously mentioned that Millie does not listen to him at all, and like Enola, disobeys him. But he was quick to add that the Eleven actor amuses him with her goofiness.

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Their sibling energy is still pretty strong offscreen. Do you like Brown’s baby voice, or do you agree with Henry that she needs to stop that? Leave your thoughts in the comment section. 

Enola Holmes 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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