How Does Breast Cancer Help Toni Collette Play Laura Oliver in ‘Pieces of Her’ With More Resilience?

How Does Breast Cancer Help Toni Collette Play Laura Oliver in ‘Pieces of Her’ With More Resilience?

Every well-written character has one similarity: Deep subconscious motives drive them all. All of these characters have layers to their personality. These layers add to their complexity and reasons. Laura Oliver from Pieces of Her is no exception. She is a great character who not only has motives and a deep dark past chasing her. But it is her character development through the years of personal affliction that has molded her into the resilient woman she is today.

It is also her battle with breast cancer that gives her character a sense of survival against all odds that appeals to the viewers.

Does Laura Oliver have breast cancer in Pieces of her?

As soon as the story of mother-daughter, Laura and Andy, opens, we understand that Andy is reluctant to leave her mother in their hometown of Belle Isle. We see through text messages and her mother’s slight pushes of convincing Andy to resume her life in New York. However, Andy doesn’t want to leave her mother’s side for some reason.

As we move forward in their story, we understand that Laura had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. And in a flashback scene, we see Andy’s emaciated mother going through chemotherapy. Through the flashbacks, we understand that her treatment was not long ago. And that she still might be recovering from the disease and its treatment.

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This is a great layer to give to the character of Laura and adds to her unstoppable nature. Moreover, it gives real depth to Andy and her mother’s relationship.

Not her first time playing a survivor

Even though, fortunately, Toni Collette never had to fight this terrible disease, she has played a breast cancer survivor before. In a 2015 film, Miss You Already, co-starring Drew Barrymore, Toni played the role of Milly, whose life is turned upside down when she is diagnosed with cancer.

Also, the Hereditary actress took an immense effort in humanitarian efforts during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 2014 and has been involved with the cause since.

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