How Did Julia Garner Meet The Love of Her Life, Mark Foster?

How Did Julia Garner Meet The Love of Her Life, Mark Foster?

The world’s a small place to be. Unknowingly, unintentionally we stumble upon thousands of people each day. We establish connections and soon come to a complete circle some way or the other. Something similar was the case with the Ozark standout star, Julia Garner. She is now happily married to the frontman of the indie rock band Foster the People, Mark Foster.

Julia Garner and Mark Foster both have been sensational in their respective fields. While Julia had set a benchmark for the future unconventional characters when she nailed Ozark, Mark has broken for the famous album, Pumped up Kicks. Both have their professional line all set but do you want to have a glimpse of their personal lives as well?

Julia Garner and Mark Foster have had the best ever romantic engagement ever

Julia and Mark have known each other forever. The two love birds met in 2018 at the Sundance Film Festival and came together soon after. Ten months of dating, followed by a gorgeous engagement and a stunning wedding. But it is not all that simple. Vogue had the chance to have an insight into their most romantic journey of marriage.

A few weeks would lapse when they shared some moments of silence before Julia left for Atlanta. During that time, the couple went out to get some air and moved away from the city. They rented an RV and took a road trip up to Montana, where they just wanted to be together. The icing on the cake was Mark’s brilliant idea of proposing to his fiancee for marriage.

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One morning outside Flathead Lake, Mark woke her up with a cup of coffee and took her on a walk by the water’s edge. There he read her a poem he had written. He dropped to his knees when he finished and asked Julia to marry him. That same year they got hitched in New York City Hall. Instead of a traditional dress, Julia wore a white pantsuit and walked down the aisle with a gorgeous gown. They are currently one of Hollywood’s most cherished couples.

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