How Did Jason Bateman Nab $80 Million From Amazon in a Flick, Alongside Will Arenett and Sean Hayes

How Did Jason Bateman Nab $80 Million From Amazon in a Flick, Alongside Will Arenett and Sean Hayes

Jason Bateman really underestimated the power of himself having a conversation with two of his closest friends when he called SmartLess a “dumb idea” on Jimmy Kimmel. The podcast, since its release, has managed to reach unprecedented heights, especially considering the fact that it is only a podcast. One of the most interesting aspects of the show apart from the fact that it has entertainers like Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes is the authentic format. Given the show’s popularity, it does not come as a huge shock that Amazon bought the exclusive rights to the podcast in a giant multi-million dollar deal.

Amazon struck a smart deal with Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes

The podcast itself is the complete antonym of the name of the podcast. Each week the show has a genius guest on the panel. And the most refreshing part is that SmartLess does not just cater to Hollywood fans. It has veterans and important people from all fields of life answering some very interesting questions. And of course, the fact that only one person knows the guest shows how authentic the entire show is. Most of the time when we see shows they are almost entirely scripted and Jason Bateman along with his mates in SmartLess is breaking the norm.

The hit podcast first started in July 2020 and none of the hosts comprehended how huge it would become. They definitely did not imagine that Amazon would be buying the exclusive rights to the show for 80 million dollars.

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Additionally, Amazon through its acquisition of Wondery and Art19 is polishing itself to compete in the podcast field with Spotify and Apple Music. Through the deal, the latest episodes of the SmartLess podcast will be available to stream a week before they are actually released.

Technically, you will be living in the future if you use Amazon Music or Wondery to listen to the podcast. The ad sales would be going to Wondery. This first came into action on the 1st of August in 2021 and as we edge closer to the end of 2022, the show is still as brilliant as ever. From having Kamala Harris to the President of the United States himself on the show give some never heard before answers, no one is doing it like SmartLess.

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