How Did Henry Cavill Bulk up to Play a Sullied Monster Hunter in ‘The Witcher’?

How Did Henry Cavill Bulk up to Play a Sullied Monster Hunter in ‘The Witcher’?

Renowned British actor Henry Cavill is currently in his golden days. The favorite Superman of many and reportedly the next James Bond has cemented his position in the industry. Sooner than later, he will also be playing Dr. Doom in Marvel’s Fantastic Four. While Marvel has not yet confirmed or denied this piece of juicy news, Henry Cavill has wrapped up the filming for Season 3 of his flagship show The Witcher.

His character, the Geralt of Rivia, is destined to protect Crown Princess Ciri. Given that Geralt is a mutant, Henry Cavill needed a carved body to fit the character. Obviously, much work went into building that physique, and the result was unreal and amazing. So how did the phenomenal actor train his body to meet the unreal expectations of his character in The Witcher? Cavill shared his secrets.

How did Henry Cavill bulk up for The Witcher?

The British stud has always stunned the audience with his physique, be it in Immortals or as Superman. Fitting in an intense workout alongside filming for hours back to back is no joke. However, with years of practice, Henry Cavill pulls it off with grace. He trains with Dave Rienzi, who has been his trusted trainer for many years, which is how he got the physique for Geralt.

For Netflix‘s The Witcher, the duo had to come up with a workout regime that would not leave Henry too strained out to perform his stunts on set while also keeping him bulky. They found a savior in the Romanian deadlift, which is designed to strengthen the posterior chain. Cavill said that this exercise helped in building endurance, which is a must because he needed to have the neurological capacity to play his part in the show.

Playing the Geralt of Rivia, Henry has to do a lot of sword fighting to destroy monsters. So, to avoid knee injury, he does hyperextension. In order to use heavy swords in the complicated and precise manner that the Witcher does, Henry Cavill does oblique static holds. Adding to this are shoulder raise and half-iso alternating DB curl. It is all in a day’s work for Cavill.

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On a scale of 1-10, how much more respect did Henry Cavill gain in your heart after you found out about his workout regime? Let us know in the comments down below.

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