How did Dodger’s Fan Jason Bateman Respond To Astros Cheating Scandal – “…lend itself well to a script adaptation”

How did Dodger’s Fan Jason Bateman Respond To Astros Cheating Scandal – “…lend itself well to a script adaptation”

Along with being one of most sought-after directors in the industry, Jason Bateman takes a huge interest in sports too. Out of the world of entertainment, the Ozark Kingpin is known for his inclination toward baseball for quite a long time. However, revolving around the sport, there have been some recent scandals involving some of his favorite teams. Jason on the other hand pulled off his director’s hat and linked it with his on-screen works. 

Out of the baseball teams, the one Bateman vouches for is the Dodgers of Los Angeles. Unfortunately, no one can forget the team’s defeat at the hands of the Houston Astros in 2017. Along with many other die-hard fans, Bateman was left heartbroken too. However, it came as a great blow as new reports revealed that Astros used electronic schemes to steal pitching signs from their opponents. 

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The Emmy Winning director is known for stark contrasting plotlines and unconventional ideas to produce spine-chilling movies and series. It was all visible when Ozark swept some awards consecutively for years. But what does his expertise on-screen have to do with a baseball scandal? Scroll up to get the scoop. 

Did Jason Bateman just hint at the Astros scandal adaptation as a series?

Meanwhile, Jason Bateman was with the Television Critics Association promoting his soul-shattering HBO series, The Outsider. As the news broke out, Bateman affirmed that all of it “…would probably lend itself well to a script adaptation“. He could not get over the fact that they had a system like that as high-tech in some parts as Janky in others

Following this, while staying true to his Dodger enthusiasm, Bateman spelled, “We’ll get ‘em next year“. For the unversed, the scandal exposed the team’s GM and manager before the public. Jeff Luhnow and A.J Hinch faced MLB wrath that took a harsh decision by suspending the two for a year.

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This came as a historic punishment to any baseball team for their alleged malpractices. The organization was fined $5 Million while also stripping them of the draft picks in 2016. 

Surprisingly, an hour later, the owner fired both of them permanently from the group. Jason Bateman while introspecting all of it, realized he just got some spicy content for his shows. 

Are you looking forward to any such news? Do you wish for an adaptation of the controversy by Jason Bateman? Stream his latest blood-freezing series, The Outsider on Disney+.

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