How Can You Watch Sadie Sink Starrer ‘Dear Zoe’? Is It Coming on Netflix?

How Can You Watch Sadie Sink Starrer ‘Dear Zoe’? Is It Coming on Netflix?

From movies to ad campaigns, anything starring Sadie Sink becomes an automatic hit. Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale and the Kate Spade ad campaign are proof of this fact. After starring as Max Mayfield in Netflix’s flagship sci-fi thriller, Stranger Things, Sadie Sink has made it known that she is a phenomenal performer.

And her starring in Grammy Music-winning artist, Taylor Swift’s long-awaited All Too Well short film made her a favorite for the pop culture audience. In 2019, she joined Green Wells in his quest to bring to life the best-selling Philip Beard novel, Dear Zoe. Furthermore, was available in the theaters from the 4th of November in theatres. Here is how you can watch Dear Zoe starring Sadie Sink online.

What is Dear Zoe about?

In 2005, Philip Beard wrote an enigmatic novel about tragedy, growth, death, and love. Given the beautiful plethora of subjects that the book was a mixture of, it was a but-obvious case for a best seller. Seeing the success of books to movie adaptations and wanting to present the story to a wider audience with a beautiful cast and stellar cinematography, renowned director Green Wells took the task of adapting it into a movie. With a gripping screenplay from Marc Lhormer and Melissa Martin, Dear Zoe was all set to go.

The emotional film follows Tess DeNunzio who loses her sister in a hit-and-run case during the 9/11 terror attacks. The DeNunzio family never remained the same after.

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Following the classic frustrated female in a young adult film, Tess runs away to her biological father.  And as luck may have it, Tess finds her love interest in the cute musician living next door to her father named Jimmy. Emotional backstory, teen angst, romance, and Sadie Sink are all reasons to watch the movie.

How to watch the film online?

The filming of the movie took place in 2019. Furthermore, Dear Zoe‘s release was delayed due to the pandemic. And only in November of 2022, after spending almost two years in production could the movie finally be released.

However, that too came with a catch. Dear Zoe was only available to watch in selected theatres. And while you won’t be able to find the movie on any big OTT services, there is a way to watch it. The official Instagram page of the flick shares a link where you can rent or buy Dear Zoe starring Sadie Sink.

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