How ‘Bullet Train’ Director Convinced Ryan Reynolds for a Cameo

How ‘Bullet Train’ Director Convinced Ryan Reynolds for a Cameo

So far, Ryan Reynolds has appeared in three movies this year The Adam Project and Betty White: A celebration. Moreover, The Deadpool star also turned up in the film Bullet Train. John Wick director David Leitch’s project Bullet Train featured Ryan Reynolds, not as the main lead but in a cameo scene.

Well, apart from being a filmmaker, David Leitch is also a stunt performer, an actor, and a stunt coordinator. But there is one more note-worthy skill Leich has, and that is, his convincing skills. Here’s how the filmmaker convinced Ryan Reynolds for a cameo in his movie.

Ryan Reynolds and his cameo in Bullet train

Bullet Train, led by Brad Pitt, stars a group of talented actors. Not just that, the movie also has a bunch of surprising and memorable cameos. Leitch admitted that all of these cameos were possible because of the good relations he and his cast share with other actors. But in Reynolds’s case, Leitch did not have to make many efforts. David Leitch revealed“I just pitched him the idea of, ‘Why don’t you pay back Brad for the cameo in Deadpool 2? “That’s really all it took. He was like, ‘I’m in.”

Brad Pitt is seen as The Vanisher in Deadpool 2. Pitt’s role is merely a few moments in the movie. He gets entangled in electrical wires and burned to death. However, Reynolds’s cameo in Bullet Train is of a similar duration but way more significant and necessary for the film.

If you haven’t watched Deadpool 2, here is Brad Pitt’s cameo from the movie.

Bullet train: Synopsis

Bullet train is an action-comedy film. The story takes place on a bullet train traveling across Japan. In this action-filled movie, Brad Pitt plays the role of an assassin, LadyBug. Along with him on the train are a few more assassins, each aboard on a different mission. LadyBug has the simple task of stealing a briefcase on the train and stepping onto another.

However, it is not as easy as it seems to be. Other actors seen in the movie are Bad Bunny and Aaron Taylor Johnson. Joey king is also a part of the movie. The Kissing Booth actress plays the secondary antagonist Prince in the film. Simply put, almost everyone on the train has a vendetta, and the longer you watch the movie, the more you don’t want to get off the train.

Some of the other star cameos in the movie are from Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock. Previously, both of them also starred alongside Pitt in The Lost City.

If you haven’t already, check out Bullet Train in your nearest theatre!

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