How Billie Eilish Inspired Gucci to Launch an Entire Campaign Featuring Ryan Gosling

How Billie Eilish Inspired Gucci to Launch an Entire Campaign Featuring Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling once looked dapper modeling for Gucci’s entire campaign. The Notebook actor is considered one of the most attractive and charming men in Hollywood. He along with partner Eva Mendes makes one of the hottest couples in the industry. The 42-year-old Canadian actor is also a favorite of the fashion house Gucci.

The brand is known for drinking artists, celebrities, and designers together for their luxury brands campaigns. Evolving over time, the brand recently launched an eyewear collection featuring Billie Eilish. Now photos of Ryan Gosling flaunting Gucci’s new fashion collection are out and they are absolutely fabulous.

How Ryan Gosling appeared for Gucci after Billie Eilish

No Time to Die singer Billie Eilish rocked the Gucci eyewear collection advertisement early this year. This was then followed by Ryan Gosling being the face of the brand’s entire new collection, called Valigeria. The collection is made in all shapes and sizes for all genders to make travel luxurious and adventurous. In the ad, Gosling is seen traveling from his motel, throwing his bags in the truck for the beach, to ultimately land at an unknown destination. The end credits show Glen Luchford as the maker of the film.

The campaign with Billie Eilish clearly inspired Gucci for an offbeat promotional partnership with Ryan Gosling. Alessandro Michele was the genius behind the eyewear collection, and also one who supported Gosling.

Eilish’s ad is more on the quirkier mysterious side, as she is seen driving a hot pink car with poppy colors for the whole ad. She comes face-to-face with her doppelgänger in the end, as they both say, “I love you,” to each other. Meanwhile, Gosling’s advertisement is more classic retro style and shows a person’s limitless journey with Gucci bags. The Barbie actor’s video smoothly flows with Heart’s Magic Man playing in the background.

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Alessandro Michele is known for emulsifying the spirit of Hollywood into the fashion brand ad campaigns. “Travel for Gucci was never purely physical,” says Michele, explaining the campaign video. The 1921 brand founded in Italy has remained relevant to this day thanks to updating and adapting through time while staying classy.

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