How Billie Eilish Became a Part of Iggy Pop Accepting Grammy’s Lifetime Achievement Award

How Billie Eilish Became a Part of Iggy Pop Accepting Grammy’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Even though Iggy Pop is getting older now, there are barely any music lovers in the 21st century who are not familiar with this legend. A few years ago, he received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. But did you know he was hesitant to accept the award at first, and something about Billie Eilish persuaded him to do so?

The pop artist recently gave an interview to Classic Rock, in which he talked about the incident when he was offered the award. Initially, he was not accepting it, so what convinced him to receive the award?

How is Billie Eilish related to the Iggy Pop award story?

James Newell Osterberg Jr., better known as Iggy Pop, revealed some of the very interesting untold stories in his interview with the magazine. He is one of those people who established themselves back then when half of today’s artists were not even born. Initially, he was the vocalist and lead lyricist of The Stooges but he has had his own fanbase since 1997. This was the year he began his solo career and launched several albums.

Pop mentioned in his Classic Rock interview that he hates Grammys, and he asked his manager to avoid their calls in 2020. The reason behind the 75-year-old artist hating Grammys is that he thinks that they want to exhibit him in their museum, now that he is old and a classic icon.

And that is why he did not want to accept their lifetime achievement award. But then, as he says “the lady from the Grammys” contacted him and he finally spoke with her and told him something which made him accept the award. She said that the Grammys want him to accept the award because “Without you, there’s no Lil Nas X and there’s no Billie Eilish,” she said in her call. She mentioned that Pop is the direct link to the top artists whom the Grammys are going to present the award that year.

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Recently, Pop released his latest, ‘Every Loser,’ which is also his 19th studio album.

What do you think about Pop’s Grammy story involving Billie Eilish? Do you agree with the lady from the Grammys about there not being a Billie Eilish or Lil Nas X without Pop? share your thoughts in the comments below.

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