How Beyonce Made Vecna’s Job “Infinitely Harder” in ‘Stranger Things’ With ‘Break My Soul’

How Beyonce Made Vecna’s Job “Infinitely Harder” in ‘Stranger Things’ With ‘Break My Soul’

The Duffer brothers knocked it out of the park with the fourth installment of Stranger Things. From the CGI to the storylines, the wait was worth it. No wonder it had the biggest premiere record. The show had introduced several monsters in the past seasons but none got as much hype as Vecna did. The humanoid has the limelight on him even before the show premiered. It is one of the strongest villains that the Hawkins gang had ever encountered. However, Netflix’s recent tweet admits that Vecna’s job got a lot tougher thanks to Beyonce. 

How did Beyonce make Vecna’s plan to strike a balance in the world harder?

Well, Beyonce is back with her newest single, Break My Soul. As you can expect from the Queen, the song is a banger. It’s the lead single from her album, RenaissanceNetflix acknowledged Beyonce’s power in a recent tweet. 

Stranger Things Season 4 revealed Vecna’s true identity. The humanoid is Henry Creel aka One. He had telekinetic abilities ever since he was young. And he was Doctor Brenner’s first test project. In his first showdown with Eleven, he lost to her and entered the Upside Down to become Vecna. Throughout the season we learn that he loves terrifying his victims and feeds on their guilt and past crimes. Then he proceeds to levitate them in the air before gouging their eyes and snapping their bones. His victims enter a Hellscape where Vecna asks them to join them and then kills them. 

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However, Max was able to break out of his curse. Turns out the only way to snap out of his trance is to listen to their favorite music and think about happy memories. 

If the Hawkins gang were to listen to Beyonce’s Break My Soul, trapping the victims would become a challenge for Vecna. It would quite literally help the victims to break their souls and mind from Vecna’s grasp and return to reality. 

Here’s how fans are reacting:’

Do you think Beyonce’s latest single can save you from Vecna’s Curse?

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